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Puzzle Mix Subscription

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Puzzle Mix is the original title from The Oxford Puzzle Company and offers an intriguing mix of puzzle challenges and some with Cash Prizes as well as Bonus Prizes. The magazine features Crosswords, Arrowords, Alphanumeric, Wordsearch, Quizwords, Codewords, Honeycomb puzzles, Sudoku and many more. 36p pages of puzzling fun.

A choice or 3, 4 or 6 Editions per year.

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I hope that these puzzles will both entertain and educate as well as be thought-provoking, encourage conversation and involve a little research. All of these things will help keep your mind active and alert. Crosswords are great for extending your vocabulary. It’s amazing what completing just one crossword puzzle a day can do for you and it will result in you using more intelligent words in your day to day life. It’s thought that doing puzzles can help if you are suffering with stress or anxiety. If you are going through a tough time, doing a crossword can take your mind off things because you are concentrating on something else entirely. So forget comfort eating – a crossword puzzle is definitely the way to go to make yourself feel better!

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